“what’s for dinner”
decision fatigue

Join Meal Plan Collective to get customizable weekly menus, automated grocery lists, and recipe inspiration. Free up your time and headspace for everything outside the kitchen!

How It Works

Get Your Plan!

Every Friday, a new meal plan is released. You can always swap out and swap in recipes of your choice and customize it to fit your household preferences!

Make it yours!

With a simple drag and drop, you can add and remove recipes with the grocery lists automatically adjusting for you.


Get only what you need for the week and do it efficiently with our interactive grocery list that you can check off items as you go – right from your phone.

About the Recipes

Meal Plan Collective focuses on quick prep, easy assembly, family friendly meals for breakfast, meal prep lunches, dinners and snacks. We do not focus on any one way of eating, although we do have some vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, and dairy free meals! 

Most of our meals are easily adjusted to fit your own dietary restrictions. 

You will find many ways to use your Instant Pot and Air Fryer here, too!

Our Favorite Features!

You can easily change the serving size for each meal. If you only plan lunch for yourself, but dinners for a family, you can change the serving sizes for both!
You can print the meal plan, the recipes in that meal plan, and the grocery list all in one PDF package, each week.
Or, you can keep it digital and save the Meal Plan Collective to your phone’s home screen and have easy access to your plans, recipes and grocery lists ANYWHERE!
Drag and Drop recipe swaps are as easy as that!
Need to remove and add items to the grocery list? No problem. Add that pet food and those paper towels to your one consolidated list!


Under $10/month to help you get your meal times organized!


Why can’t I find this in the App Store?

Meal Plan Collective is a Web Application (Web App). This means you log in directly to a website and not a separate app.

This means you can access your meal plans on any device with internet, and there will never be a need to update the app in the app store.

Do you have plans for dietary restrictions (ex. Dairy Free, Gluten Free)?
Not yet. While many of our recipes are naturally Dairy Free and Gluten Free, we don’t offer plans specific to these dietary restrictions. You can however, easily swap ingredients as needed.
Can I print the meal plans?
Yes, the meal plans, the recipes, and the grocery lists are all print friendly and in PDF format.
Is this a weight loss program?
No. The Meal Plan Collective is a way to free up headspace from deciding what to eat all the time, help you divert time to things you would rather do, and make your menu planning and shopping so much more organized and easy.
Can I cancel any time? How?
Yes, you can cancel anytime by logging into your account and stopping your membership. It is that easy. You can cancel and re-join whenever you wish.
Is nutrition information provided?
Yes, but it is automatically calculated and only an estimate. If calculating macros and nutrition information is important to you, we highly encourage you to add the specific ingredients and the specific brand into a nutrition calculator you trust.